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Employers----Now is the time to help your employees quit smoking
 Stop Smoking NOW!!!
Our smoking cessation program is amazingly successful.  We work with all government employees, hospital employees, and company employees. This is one of the most effective employee benefits that you can offer to your employees.  We also work with individuals who come in on their own to quit smoking.
Our employer based smoking cessation program is extremely successful, and here's why----
 Our approach to helping people quit smoking encompasses every level of involvement.  We cover the physical, emotiional, intellectual, and mental aspects of this addiction.  We do not leave anything to chance, and we are with them every step of the way.
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Young teen smoking
We are currently initiating a new program for young teenagers who smoke, pregnant women who smoke and parents who smoke.  This is the single most dangerous and debilitating habit that people can stop quickly and see remarkable and longlasting effects.  The children of smokers will see the strength and determination of their parents to make healthy changes in their own lives, in order to make their children's lives better.  Our goal with this program is to save as many lives as possible, by involving as many smokers as possible in this resoundingly successful program.  To make this available to this population we are applying for grants and trying to find funding through any means possible.  If you have any ideas or insights or would like to become a contributor to this project, please contact us using the informatiion below.  This is a very worthwhile project and the results will last a lifetime.
 Each year more than 430,000 people die from tobacco-related diseases, making it the leading cause of preventable death in this country.  An additional 50,000 people die from exposure to secondhand smoke, and more that 1,000 children become smokers each day.
has taken the challenge to become the foremost leader in the fight against these unnecessary deaths.  We have developed several innovative programs to help people quit smoking on all levels of their addiction, the physical, mental and emotional levels are all addressed at the same time.  This is done by trained clinical hypnotherapists with a proven success rate that is higher than almost all other methods of smoking cessation.  We are very proud of what we have accomplished and we are expanding our program to fit the needs of a larger group of employers.  Our staff is growing, our base of employers is growing, and most important of all---- our number of NON-SMOKERS IS GROWING TREMENDOUSLY.
The end of smoking
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