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Reasons to use Hypnosis
Sometimes, in our everyday lives we find ourselves frantically trying to reach some deadline or rise to some unbelievable level of success.  The problem is----how will you know when you have reached that level?  What did you go through to get there?  Were you aware of life going on around you, or were you just blindly flying through the days?  When this happens in our lives, we truly miss alot, we miss the very feelings and achievements that we were striving for in the first place. 
             "Trying to solve your problems when you are anxious and
                stressed is like trying to pay your monthly bills by throwing them
                 in a blender."
Hypnosis can help us to slow down and take a look at what is actually going on around us.  When we are in a constant state of stress or anxiety our bodies are pumping harmful chemicals into our system.  These chemicals are known as the fight or flight chemicals.  They were never meant to be in our systems constantly.  They were meant to flow through our systems when there really is an immediate danger.  When this danger passes we do not continue to produce and pump these chemicals.
On the other end of the spectrum is the feel good chemicals.  These chemicals are the ones that are produced when we are excited, happy, exercising, or just plain content and happy.  This is the state that we should strive for on a continuous level. 
People usually seek help when they reach a point where the condition they are in is totally out of control, or they just do not want the status quo to continue.  They need to make CHANGES.  It is no longer OK to go on in the current mode.  There has been a process going on within them that has brought them to this point.  It is now time to reverse this process and begin to enjoy their lives.  Not everyone has the same concerns, or the same patterns going on in their lives, so, each individual needs to determine where they need to make changes, how they can achieve these changes in the most efficient way, and who will help them and become their agent of change.
There are countless areas in which the skillful use of hynosis, applied by a skilled hypnotherapist, can begin to make positive changes in a person's life.  It was a long process to get to this point, and it will be the reversal of this process that helps the individual make the changes necessary for a more fulfilling and content life.  The reversal of the process goes very quickly because we are making changes through our subconscious minds, not our concious minds.  This is why it is much easier and faster than conventional counseling in most cases. 

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