Hypnosis Institute of Charlotte -  Hypnosis to Quit Smoking
This is your time for changes
There are an unlimited number of subjects that can be addressed through the skillful use of hypnosis techniques.  We cover all of these areas and many more.....
weight loss                                                  smoking cessation
fears and phobias                                      giving birth
pain control                                                 self-esteem
healing                                                         studying
sexual dysfunction                                      motivation
exercise                                                      nail biting
trickotilomania--hair pulling
If you would like to inquire about any other topic of interest to you please contact us through our contact information at the bottom of each page.
We are located in the Charlotte, NC area and cover Charlotte and all surrounding areas.  We are also currently working on recording our own CD's that have been so helpful to our clients.
Our main projects for this year are:
           1.  To complete the development of our smoking cessation program for
teenagers who smoke, pregnant women who smoke, and parents who smoke, and to offer this program to as many smokers as possible.
            2.  To get our CD's and mp3's ready for distribution.
            3.  To engage at least 10 major employers in this area to pay for their employees to quit smoking.
            4.  To develope this program so that it can be adapted to fit any employer,s needs anywhere in the country.
Our main office is in Charlotte, NC, but, we also cover Las Vegas, NV, and Cooperstown, NY.  If you would like to set up an appointment please call us.
                                   HYPNOSIS INSTITUTE OF CHARLOTTE
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                                            Email: bopage123@yahoo.com
                                                  Bonnie Page  CH, MH
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